Wednesday, October 12, 2011

jackson recap

Here are some of my favorites from our second day in Jackson. (See more on SPOL.)
The fall colors were AMAZING!
I hope everyone gets out on a drive this weekend if you haven't already.
Enjoying nature rejuvenates my soul over and over- like magic.
Or in other words- it makes me happy.
I'm so thankful for this beautiful Earth!

Lucas taught Ollie the game of "planking"

Linc wanted to try too...


Senja said...

Oh I love the scenery and the colors. What a great trip!

B and Jessica said...

I like your dark hair, Sini. Isn't it fun to change it up sometimes? I almost went dark again last week, but decided to keep the blonde for another couple months. This trip looks like so much fun!

Mrs. Ham said...

hahah i missed this post! tanner and i were laughing about the little ones planking! it's so funny for some reason. who and how do these trends get started?? so funny!

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