Saturday, October 8, 2011

Elliott's baptism

 Elliott got baptized today! 
He was really looking forward to today and wasn't even nervous.
He and Adam had to be at the church by 8:15 this morning!

Brian, Addie, Linds, Will, Elli, Scott, Baby Gabby, Christie, Ollie, Megs, Tanner, Kenzie, Elliott, Adam, Linc, Sini, Benny, Leena, Collin, Karen, Steve, Ames and Baby Will
 We loved having our families come and support Elliott!
 Elliott was so excited to hang out with his cousins afterward!

 We had brunch afterwards- homemade mini quiches.
 chocolate Dunford donuts
 muffins galore
 double chocolate muffins & homemade granola with yogurt

Steve's famous fruit salad
and an assortment of juices... 
I was so excited to use my Finnish treasures- 
marimekko towel and aqua pitcher and pentik pitcher
-so glad they made it home from Finland unscathed!
 After the guests left Lincoln found his way to the leftover yogurt.

 Grandma gave Elliott his own mini hymn book with his name!
Linds and fam gave him a colorchanger highlighter pencil.
And we gave him his first set of his very own scriptures.
Looks like he's set as a newly baptized member!

 I showed him how to use the highlighter and had him highlight my favorite scripture (Ether 12:27),
He's excited to take them to church tomorrow and wants to highlight the stories he learns about in primary. 

We are proud of you Elliott!


Lindz said...

Wow!! I cannot believe he is already 8!! Happy Birthday Elliott! Your header pic is so cute Sini!! :)

Senja said...

Hi Sinika :) Congratulations on your sons baptism - that is so special :) Megan told me about her Finish sis-in-law, so fun! Did you grow up in Utah? I'm going to add your blog, love your photos and adventures in Utah.

Mama Swalz said...

Congrats again, Elliott! I hope you will love your Scriptures as much as I love mine :) I promise you that the more you read them, the more you will love them!
Love your new header pic Sini!!

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