Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween party

 Halloween is a busy fun time at our house. 
We decorated in the first part of October- the boys and I. 
I love it as much as them- although they want our house to be SCARY!

We had a fun little party at our church-- Adam's costume made me laugh!
He showed up late (stuck in traffic from work) and just showed up at my side... 
I hadn't seen him with his costume on yet. 
So funny.
I bought it for $3 on clearance last year after Halloween.
Linc wouldn't wear his cowboy costume, 
but he did like his Viking hat from Sweden, so we went with it.
The big boys were excited to dress up of course.

Afterwards, Elliott was invited to a Halloween party that said, bring your family.
So Ollie and I went with him.
Between the two parties, Ollie found the face paint and helped himself.
It was ridiculously funny!

the favorite decoration... always doing different moves

viking Linc
Ollie the ninja
Elliott- a mummy with a light up beating heart
Adam- the Wheaties guy!
Adam and Dave
Melissa was a fairy, and I was a pirate-- argh!
Friends- Heather, Barb and Carrie.

Excited for trick-or-treating with the boys tonight!

Happy Halloween!


Mrs. Ham said...

WHERE DID ADAM GET THAT COSTUME>????? it's amazing! you're whole fam looks great! ollie!!! oh i miss seeing the boys all dressed up. see you guys soon! we'll have to figure something out for summer for the beach. i can't find a place to house us all.

B and Jessica said...

"Wheaties, Wheaties, pure whole wheat. So go tell your Mamma what the big boys eat!"

You all look awesome.

Senja said...

that's a great costume your husband has on! :)

i would love to celebrate halloween in the us some time..

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