Thursday, October 13, 2011

car ride

The boys did so good on the long drive we had to Wyoming.
They watched lots of movies and played with Ben 10 guys.
And of course we had lots of snacks. 
We kept the fruits and veggies up front to snack on and the treats in the back so we had to get out to get them. But I love a good road trip snack.
I heard "Are we there yet?" lots of times, but otherwise the 10 hour roundtrip went great.

Ollie, Linc and Elliott (whose chin was bruised from a bike crash)
Just relaxing on the drive home.


Senja said...

The last photo is just so cozy! :)

I remember when we used to travel to Finland from Germany when I was a kid. Two days in the car. Back then it was just reading and fighting, no DVD :)

Tisha and Mark said...

I except the handy-me-down on that amazing Hulk Hogan shirt!! :)

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