Monday, December 5, 2011

baby babble

Lincmeister watching his favorite show- Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Little Lincoln has been BUSY!
And at two-and-a-half, I realize he isn't a baby anymore, but he's our baby still.
I'm just trying to remember all the fun stuff we've dealt with the last couple of days...

While I was paying at a restaurant he disappeared and emptied the pepper shaker out on the floor.
The entire bottle.
I asked if they had a broom and they said don't worry about it. 
We go there a lot and they recognize us, so kind of embarrassing.

He will NOT use his baby blanket anymore because it has a tiny hole. 
"It's broken. I don't want it."
Well- that wouldn't be a problem except he doesn't want ANY blanket now.
And the other night he informed me, "I don't want pajamas, I take off."
He was in his crib for the night and his pajamas were on the floor.
No blankets and no pj's in the winter breaks my heart. 
I made him put his jammies back on, and then I always sneak a few blankets on him the second he falls asleep. 

He shoved a play key in the cd player of my car.
Adam had to do surgery to get it out.

The other day I was in my kitchen having a meeting for YW and Linc was napping on my bed.
I heard the loudest CRASH... thinking he had fallen off.
I ran up and our big tall dresser was on top of my little Lincoln, from his chest down!
I picked that thing up so fast and Linc was crying for gum... and still had to grab it.
He saw some gum on the dresser and decided to climb for it. 
It was SCARY!
I kept asking if his arms or legs hurt or belly.
I've been checking for bruises... that thing was heavy!
I'm so glad that he seems to be just fine, 
and we have bolted our dresser so it won't happen again.

He can get on a counter (any counter) in 2.5 seconds.

He has been seen with the scissors cutting a few needles from our Christmas tree.
Dang my scissor obsession and having them readily available in every drawer! 

This morning Adam and I were still in bed and Linc was jabbering telling me he cut his pants with the scissors. I opened my eyes to see he has a big pair of scissors and his pants in the other hand and is holding a little string he cut off that was bothering him! We were lucky it was just the string.

And he loves taking the ornaments off the tree and drop them on the floor.
He just plucks them, one by one. 
He didn't seem to bother them last year as an 18 month old?

Elliott took a brand new roll of wrapping paper in an upstairs room to wrap his secret santa gifts... 
and Linc later found it and unrolled the entire roll! 
(I secretly wish I could have seen the thrill on his face while he was doing this,
sounds like an awesome time.) 

It feels like we just roll with the punches and he's actually a sweet boy.
He just thinks he's bigger than he is.

He loves to pick out his clothes and brings them to me every morning, including diaper and socks. 
And usually he's already taken off his jammies and diaper. 
He frequently empties his whole shirt drawer if he can't find what he needs.
And his whole sock bin.
He will only wear his orange shirt to church.
Pretty sure I bought it at DI for one of the other boys years ago.
He won't wear his cute new one from JCrew kids... of course.

The other day he brought me his poopy diaper that was soaking wet on the outside as he was telling me he couldn't clean the poop out... he had been swishing it in the toilet! (Gross! TMI?)
(I guess he's seen me do that a couple times with the big boys... shudder.)
I've always joked that he will potty train himself when he is good and ready, 
since we've had a fiasco with other children before him, (another post, another time.)
Maybe he will?

He can always be seen carrying a tower of Legos in his hand that he built himself.
Or a little city built on a flat Lego piece.
I love that he does this already! 
My big boys have just recently started playing Legos on their own and building their own things.
But he just follows their lead.

He says the cutest, funniest things like...

I LOVE it Mommy!
That show was AWESOME!

He calls our cat "Black Suki"
"Where are you Black Suki?"
"Black Suki, come here!"

He loves to name all of Linds' family.
And recently likes to name "Unca Cody and An Amy" and their family.
He calls cousin Addie his best friend.
And then he'll call whoever is playing with him his best friend... even me.
I love it!

He loves to show you things and always says, "TA DAAA!"
And when he thinks something is cool or pretty he'll say, "Oooo La La La!"

He has to have me put him to bed every night- "Not Dada... I want Momma."

He tries to get rice or hotdogs or popsicles for breakfast and cereal for lunch.
He asks if we can make cookies all the time.
One time after his nap he came into the kitchen checking the counter for cookies and was sorely disappointed there weren't any.

He loves to snuggle between Adam and I every morning. 
Usually around 6:00 AM, but he goes right back to sleep.
On a rare morning he slept in and came into my room and the bed was already made and he was so mad! "I wanted to lay in Momma's bed!!"
I told him he still could and helped him get settled.
He was happy, but only stayed for like 5 seconds.

He is starting to say his "L's" really well-
I'm thinking since we have so many "L" names- Lincoln, oLiver, eLLiott
But the way he says them he sticks his tongue out and twists it-
so Blue equals Ba LllL ue.
It's the cutest thing ever and I need to get it on video.

There is so much more about this boy.
He gets fifty thousand kisses a day.
He only snuggles for rare moments... right when he wakes from a nap is one of them.
Sometimes when we watch a movie. 

I didn't want this post to sound like a complaint post, because I know he'll mellow out sometime.
 I have total confidence in that.
I just thought he would laugh someday when he's older knowing he did these funny things. 
And maybe it can help him if he has a busy body child of his own someday?

We love you mister Linc.


Lindz said...

What a cute little guy!! He is getting so big....time for another baby!!! ;)

mari said...

Boys boys boys. My brad is the same way. We bought squeecky shoes to keep track of him. They are fun but man they wear you out! Do they ever slow down or do they just use their energy for other things? I am getting the Tyler mini over here and I am sure LInc will have a mini of his one day!

The Kohler Family said...

This post made me cringe and laugh out loud at the same time. What a crazy, fun boy! AND I really want to hear about this potty training fiasco you speak of. Finn will be 4 in 2 weeks and is still NOT potty trained, and I need all the help I can get! :)

Tisha and Mark said...

Uh- I think Mc and Linc are one in the same. Every night, Mark isn't allowed to put her to bed, she only wants me. We had the diaper in the toilet and she asks for chicken nuggest for breakfast. I just wonder, with all this excitment now, life is going to be pretty boring when they get older :)

B and Jessica said...

Love this post Sini. What a funny kid!

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