Tuesday, December 27, 2011

santa at grammy's

 Lincoln telling Santa what he wants for Christmas.
Santa visits the boys every year at Grammy's house, just like when Adam was growing up. 
Lucky ducks.

We sang some songs and Santa even had presents in his bag.
Elliott, Lincoln, Gabby and Ollie

Lincoln asked for Yo Gabba Gabba toys and a play kitchen.
Ollie asked for a wallet and Hot Wheels cars.
Elliott asked for a Hex Bug set.
I think Gabby asked to be taken off Santa's lap...
I just loved Lincoln's face in these pics...

Christie, Scott and Gabby
Grammy & Grandpa

I've never seen the boys so excited about pajamas... 
Throwing them in glee...
Trying them on statue-like...
And dancing with them. Thanks Santa! 
(With a little help from Grammy- she always finds the cute ones.)

Afterward we had Steve's lasagna... which we ate again on 
Christmas Eve at our house and it was even better as left-overs...
And decorated gingerbread houses.

Such a fun night! We look forward to this every year. 
Although we were sad the rest of the family couldn't be there this year.

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Mama Swalz said...

Fun times! Great pics Sini!

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