Wednesday, December 28, 2011

finnish dinner at grandma's

 Two days before Christmas we got to go to my mom's house and have a Finnish feast!
She made my favorite Finnish potato bread (top) and rice bread (bottom)...
This is the kind we ate almost everyday while in Finland and I even brought some home!
Next step is to learn how to make it.

 bread toppings
My mom is always sure to get fresh fruits and veggies in.... the smoothies were a hit!

Cousins- Addie, Elli, Ryder, Elliott, Benny & Lincoln
 Next, we acted out the nativity. 
The boys looked soooo funny and cute in their wisemen/ innkeeper outfits.

Will the Shepard
 Elli was Mary and Bailey was the angel.
 It was cute to hear all the kids reading their parts so well.
 Adam and Brian narrated.
Mary and Joseph (Benny) at the Inn.

Cousins- Trevan, Ryder, Bailey, Elli, Benny, Linc, Elliott, Oliver & Will

 making tissue paper snowflakes
 Present time!

 Lego watches! Cool.
 Linc and Grandma and his new Lego truck.
Elliott & Grandma
Oliver & Grandma
My favorite present! :)
Linds, Eric, Tagen & Brian
Elli and Grandma
 Trying to scare people from the closet. Funny boys.
I remember hiding in there when I was little too.

Look at all the red! (I didn't even help the boys get their clothes that day.)
Merry Christmas! Hyvää joulua!

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