Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas program

 The boys had a Christmas sing-in just before Christmas break.
Each grade sang two songs just before the class parties started.
They were so cute!
Ollie sang me his song for weeks beforehand with the actions, 
but wouldn't do the actions once he was on the stage. 
There are only two afternoon kindergarten classes so we could see him perfectly!
His whole class is on the front row. 
Here are some videos- mostly for family and grandmas because I didn't think to invite them...
Excuse the shakiness of the camera- I was sitting on the floor go get closer with Linc on my lap.

Elliott kept talking about the songs, but would never sing them for me, 
or even tell me what they were beforehand. 
I secretly want him to marry little Pyper to the left of him- such a cutie from a cute family!
There are two 2nd grade classes and a 1st/ 2nd split, so that's why there are littler kids on the front row.
Elliott's class is the whole back row.
I got teary during the Polar Express song... really.
And I think it's cute that Elliott had some yawning going on.
I told him it's okay- singing gives me a case of the yawns sometimes too.
(Especially at church.)

 And- we're lucky that we have cousins in the same school! 
Benny- 3rd grade.
 And Elli- 5th grade.

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Mama Swalz said...

Thanks for posting these songs- it made me teary eyed watching them and remembering ..... very sweet!

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