Sunday, December 11, 2011

smores... indoors

I was having a bit of a sweet tooth and realized we had all the fixin's for smores!
But no fire.
So we tried it in the oven.
Guess what- no smoke. No flaming mallows. 
Just melty, chocolatey, marshmallowy goodness.
Turn your oven on broil.
Melt the chocolate on the graham crackers first.
Then squish the mallows into the melted chocolate.
We tried peppermint mallows...
Oh man- have you tried these? Delicious.
Mint chocolate mallows...
...and plain ol' white mallows.

The peppermint was all of our favorite.

Maybe this will hold me over until the neighbor gifts start coming in... 

Hope your days are happy and stress-free!
(I'm feeling a little rushed and anxious... I just need to relax.)

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