Sunday, December 11, 2011

the real santa

The boys are convinced they met the real Santa on Friday night at a family Christmas party.
Because, "His beard was real and he gave us a dollar and he was in a hurry!"

Lincoln walked right up to him and jumped on his lap and talked to him. 

He is just all-business I guess... no smiles allowed.
Elliott is starting to question things this year... 
He is looking so tall sitting with Santa.

Mr. Oliver told Santa he wanted a wallet. 
Hmmm... that's the first I've heard of that one.

Santa's cute gift bag that I think maybe my cousin Heather helped him out with...
The boys LOVED the dollar!!
Trevan, Linc, Madison, Addie
Gift exchange with the cousins and second cousins.
Ollie, Ben, Elliott
My little bro Mikey and his 4-week-old baby Jordan... I finally got to meet her!
Sini, Mikey, Baby Jordan, Linds, Elli, Leena (my Mom)
The boys found the heat vent again when we got home.
It reminds me of my friend Ange from growing up.
She was always doing this! Maybe she taught me?

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Senja said...

your boys are all so cute :)

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