Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Fuzzy earmuffs at Gap... I think I want to go back and get some!
December through my iphone pics...
At Discovery Gateway for E's fieldtrip
This boy is full of ideas!
My niece Gabby found our movie popcorn... we always get a free refill and bring it home for the boys.
My little helpers. They come with me on my errands and are usually great!

At the ward Christmas party.

Suki helping me with laundry.
Gabby sitting in the big booster eating lunch! She's getting too big!
Reading stories with two babies on my lap.
The present wrapping has begun.
Our elf Cornelius... Ollie said he's trying to ride a horse on our Christmas tree. :) 
chocolate treats!!
Ollie likes to operate the microwave and always requests chips with melted cheese and salsa after church. 

How Lincoln finds his socks... and shirts. :(

temple square 
the sun after carpool!!


Mariana said...

Happy December!
I loOove this post. :)

lindsey v said...

You have a beautiful life. For reals. Such pretty pictures!

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