Tuesday, September 4, 2012

16 weeks

16 weeks
 It feels a little strange to be at this stage again.
Lincoln is 3 and 1/2 which means it has been a while since I've been pregnant.
It was almost like the moment had passed, but here it is. 
I am feeling really good after a few TIRED and sick months.
Maybe my boys had some horrible dinners for summer because nothing sounded good???
But I am still waiting to hit the "nesting" stage. 
My house could use a great cleaning.
But I guess I'm not there quite yet. 
I've had a few nights of eaaaarly morning heart burn which I never get unless I'm pregnant.
And my book tells me I can't sleep on my back anymore due to lack of blood to the baby. 
Have you ever heard for sleep training for adults?
Because that's what I've been doing for the last few nights-
propping a pillow against my back so I can't roll onto it, otherwise I wake up on my back every time.
Good thing all my last pregnancies got me out of the stomach sleeping habit- my fave as a kid.
Everything is fitting VERY snugly- 
I'm just hanging on as long as I can before the maternity clothes I guess-
although I've seen some cute stuff!
I also switched to a different doctor. 
I was intrigued hearing everyone say how they LOVED their doctor.
I really like the change, especially since they have an office in my little town.
Anyway- I sound old in this post. 
But we are all excited and talk about the baby every day.
I told the boys they'll have to teach the baby to hike since they are such good hikers. 
They were excited about that.

Here are some more pics from after church:


Knudson Family said...

Cute pics Sini. I'm so excited for you guys!

Tisha and Mark said...

You look great..I think I look more pregnant (though I am NOT!!) than you do! :) You are so cute! And, I have to say, Oliver looks so grown up with his faux hawk. His little chubby cheeks are done and he looks like a little man. Such cute boys!

Anthony and Rachel Orme said...

Super cute! You look great!

Saimi said...

Congratulations with your new upcoming addition, you make being pregnant look easy!!! You have such a beautiful family! I can say that about boys right?? I'm excited for you!

Megan Marie said...

you look so cute! i can't wait for our kids to be besties!!!

Jenna said...

You make such a beautiful pregnant woman. You family is adorable!

Nicole Calder said...

Sinika! I dunno if you can have a girl! Your boys are so dang cute she would just be a heart breaker! ;) but I can't even tell you how excited I am for you! :)

Anonymous said...

I have to say that being pregnant fits you very well. You look gorgeous!! :)
I am really excited and happy for you.
And I think your boys are going to be great big brothers. They are adorable! Their dad doesn't look bad either. ;)

Lindsay said...

You are such a good mom and you have such darling kids! I'm glad you're having another baby! :)

Reading your blog inspires me to be a better mom and to document it.

walkerbunch said...

Beautiful pictures of you and your family. I'm so excited for you guys. Glad you're past the "sick" stage. :)

Lindz said...

I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to hear what you are having! What a lucky baby to be joining such a great family! :)

{leah} said...

You look great! I'm glad you are over being sick. I love how cute your boys are!

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