Sunday, September 9, 2012

Elliott turns 9!

above & below- wild raspberries at Provo River Falls
Happy 9th birthday to my little adventurer- Elliott!
 He is always climbing something and loves to hike with our family.
I was looking at his hands the other day and he has big calluses all over the middle of his palms- from climbing the monkey bars at school! He is like a monkey on them- so fast.
He loves riding his bike to his cousin Benny's house across the neighborhood.
He is just like his Daddy not only in his looks, but he gets obsessed over things! He really wanted a certain transformer for his birthday and would show me every day on the computer, and talked about it constantly. 
A few weeks before his birthday, he also made his own paper chain and would tell us how many days were left until the big day. He even had his little brothers excited about it!

Elliott is a reserved kid that loves building legos in his room, taking care of his toad and cat, and loves to talk with Mom about things. He gets to stay up a little later than his brothers and usually reads for an hour every night before going to sleep. He is such a good boy. He is slowly learning to be patient with his brothers who annoy him constantly. But then he loves his little brother friends too. 
He is very thoughtful and shares his school/church treats with me when he won't with his brothers.
He gets my chair ready for me and covers me with a blanket when I read Harry Potter to him some nights. I just love this kid and can't believe I'm so lucky to be his Mom!

Here is a list of Elliott's favorites at 9 years:
color: blue
food: bread bowls and soup
dessert: Dad's crepes, brownies & cookies
best buds: Benny, Shawn, Noah
hobbies: play with friends, tag, races, legos, transformers, drawing, reading
show: transformers, Ben 10
book: Harry Potter, Frank the Monster
grow up: roboticist


Mariana said...


...such an adorable boy with such great parents.

Melissa said...

Such a sweet post. Elliott is an amazing guy. Happy birthday Elliott!

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