Wednesday, September 26, 2012

utah lake

Sometimes I forget that this little lake is just 10 minutes down the road.
The mountain views around the lake make it so interesting and pretty.
It separates the southern part of my city from the rest of the valley.

Good thing my mom has lots of out-of-country visitors to remind me about the cool places in our state to visit. This was her friend from Finland (on the right), who now lives in Germany. She brought her brother and his wife along. My mom loved showing them around and speaking in Finnish for two weeks straight. We even got to see the couple dance the polka in my family room,  and Adam scored one of his polka cd's, in which he plays the accordion. 
I should take the boys here more often!

Me and my momma- when I still had dark hair in early summer.

Sunset is best on the water, no?

Farm truck at one of the entrances to my neighborhood on the way home.

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