Tuesday, September 11, 2012

E's party

Elliott, Benny, Ollie, Shawn, Noah, Linc
This is all new territory for me- big kid boy birthday parties.
I went to plenty of girl parties growing up, so I kind of know how they work.
But when Elliott showed me a list of 20ish friends he wanted to invite to his party, I kind of cringed.
I suggested maybe we take a couple friends to the condo overnight, and Elliott decided he would like that. (After he got over the fact that their wouldn't be 20 presents...)

So after school on Friday, we loaded the car with boys and drove up Provo Canyon to Dairy Keen in Heber to eat. Elliott was excited to show the boys the Harry Potter display, that turned out to be broken, but oh well. They still watched the trains go around the ceiling and got fun little swords in their meals that they played with all weekend- score!

At the condo, they went straight to the river while I decorated for the party.
Adam met us there after work.

Linc had a little spill down the rocks as he was trying to catch the fish. Poor baby!

Out of all the Transformer cakes online, this is the one Elliott picked- half Decepticon, half Autobot. 
Of course my shaky hand skills came into play again. 
But guys- I can't spend $20+ on a cake when a cake mix costs $1.50!!! I just can't!
Handsome 9-year-old. Seriously- too big!

I took a video that is hilarious because Elliott is holding off Lincoln the whole time with one hand and in this pic he's pushing off Ollie- the job of a big brother is tough!

Next up---> presents!!! He was so happy and made off with transformers, an air hog hover vehicle, a room light that shows constellations on the ceiling, some other robot guy and a hexbug.

Benny's face!

As usual- Adam helped a lot.

Air Hog Hover Assault Vehicle
It drives, jumps and flies.
I know because E made me watch the video at least 25 times.
Then there were movies and treats!
The boys were determined to stay up until midnight.
I *might* have told them it was midnight at 11:30...
Joke's on them because none of them wear a watch!
And a huge pillow fight! Funny background stuff going on... 
Flying Noah!
The next morning I was up at 7:00 because I heard the boys up already.
We ate a quick breakfast and everyone headed to the pool while I stayed to clean up.

Linc getting tossed


These guys all turn 9 within 2 months of each other.
the awesome loot
The boys could have stayed at the pool all day, but we were trying to make it back for Ollie's soccer game at 1:00.

So we headed down the canyon and stopped at McDonald's for lunch.
We thought we'd stop by a new one 8th North that was right next to the freeway and it happened to be crazy busy because it was the grand opening.
The boys had fun playing on the cool playland there though.
Even Ronald was there.

Then we went to Ollie's soccer game while the big boys played at the park.
We finally made it home around 2:30 and the boys were making plans to play later that day. 
We told them no way.
Until the cousins came over a few hours later while my sis went on an anniversary date.
Elliott was excited to have them over on his real birthday.

I think it turned out great and was pretty easy.
I might have heard the phrase, "This is the best party EVER!" a few times from each of the boys, so I'll take it that it went well. 
Oh yeah- remember this cake?
Linc was intent on decorating it and was so mad I wouldn't let him help. 
So we made a frosting paper after I was done with the real thing. 
He loved it.
I have a little left in the cans and think I will have the boys use it up writing their spelling words. 
The End. 


Clayton & Kayley Anderson said...

Sounds like they had a blast! Love the cake, the writing looks great.

Melissa said...

Elliott is one lucky boy. That sounds like the most awesome party ever. I am right there with you on not being able to pay so much for a cake, so my kids have had some pretty interesting cakes ;). However that transformer cake is awesome! I am sure he loved it! Once again you are the amazing awesome mom!!

Mariana said...

This made me wish my little boy was older. (Nooo, in fact I do not want this.) But, this party sounds (and looks!!) awesome! You did a great job.
These boys are adorable!

Lindz said...

What a brave Mom you are to take all these boys for an overnighter!! Elliott is a lucky little birthday boy....sounds like an awesome party!! :)

Mama Swalz said...

Yeah! another success!!

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