Thursday, September 27, 2012


Ollie and Dawson
 Ollie has played both spring and fall soccer- he just loves it so much.
These are from his last spring game and award party.
(Sadly I haven't taken any this season...)
Each kid got a medal and Coach Josh made awards for everyone (or perhaps his wife?)
They are great coaches and we feel lucky to have had them for the last three seasons.
Grandpa and Lincoln in the sudden downpour

I think soccer uniforms are so cute. Is it just me? 

Tadeo, Preston, Ollie

Half-time with brothers

 There was a HUGE downpour with the biggest raindrops for a straight five minutes. 
Ollie and the rest of the team that was out hid under a blanket.
It was so hot right before the rain, so it cooled us right off.

 Getting his medal and the "Rock Solid Defense" award.

Dawson, Jason, Ollie

Benny came to lots of Ollie's games so him and Elliott could play at the park. 

root beer floats

Good job Ollie!


Lindz said...

I uniforms are the cutest things ever!! :) And Ollie looks like a little soccer stud!!

Melissa said...

Such great memories :). I am so glad that Ollie and Dawson are such great buddies!

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