Friday, September 28, 2012

snow cones

Who would have thought a cheap snow cone machine could bring so much joy to little boys?
They love getting it out and setting up shop to make a few quarters each.
Suddenly our front yard is filled with every kid on the street.
Setting up a booth and selling things is somewhat of a right of passage as a kid right?
Elliott has made lots of signs, that all seem to get wet and ruined by the time they clean up.
Eventually, we laminated one of his very best writing and work and use it over and over.
He is very proud of his sign. (starting above)
one of his un-laminated signs
 Of course those running the stand get first dibs- in this case brothers and cousins.
And free refills for sure.
But after that the kids come out of nowhere and fill up our yard.
My favorite is when the moms come to chat.

Another right of passage- flower/leaf soup.
I think this one is pretty.

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B and Jessica said...

I love this post. How lucky that your kids have you as their memory keeper.

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