Tuesday, September 18, 2012

heber valley girls camp!

Girls camp this year was fun and spiritual.
It was sooo different being on the stake side of things instead of at the ward with the girls.
Most of the girls above are in my ward since we have 50+ girls out of 180 in our stake that went.
But I love the cute YCL's (youth camp leaders who have gone to camp more than 4 years) singing on the stage getting everyone excited!

Our buses were awesome this year- just had to take a picture since our youth conference ones got towed mid-ride up the canyon...

Lynne, Kim, Liz, Brooke
These are the ladies I got to spend the most time with- the stake camp committee!
We had spent countless hours in meetings before camp and were just excited to get to camp and make it happen. Without these ladies and all their hard work, it wouldn't have been as great.
Karen, Kari, Sarai, Mare
This is the view from the 4th ward cabins- AMAZING!

Secily, Quinn, Nichole, Lexi, Shaylee & Micaela- 4th ward girls!
I taught a beginning photography class... of course some of the girls knew more than me, but it was fun.
Too bad my voice was gone the entire week from a horrible cold which made teaching a class (and giving a devotional another day) very difficult.
This cute photo above (and the next two) were some that the girls took with my camera.
The 4th ward girls put drops of oil in their bottle-necklaces when they would do service,
read their scriptures or write in their journal. Such a cute idea!
We had amazing weather there! It was cloudy and warm most days, with a few rainstorms.

Adam got to come up on Monday night and sleep over in a cabin with Bro. Smith- just in case we needed a man to help us out. 
We had fun playing games late into the night with the stake committee and laughed our heads off.

The stake presidency and wives- Benhams, Stockmans and Delis
Alli and Annie
Our theme was "Arise, Arise, Arise!"
Sabrina & Karly

Adam and his buddy Tysson- Mare's husband.
I was sooo excited to go with my sister Linds!
We haven't gone to camp together since we were girls- 16 years ago.
This was at the end of a VERY long first day with no sleep the night before.
You can tell we are sooo tired!
Hiking to the lake.

Our cute hike leader Kari. 
She was a fast walker and wasn't even breathing hard-- I was panting like a horse. 
I blame it on the cold I had the entire time at camp...

Megan, Camille, Aubrey, Savannah & Sabrina
Sarah, Kahlia, Heather, Karly, Ashley, Hailee, Christina, Holly
There are three leaders in this group- can you spot them???

some of 4th ward- Micaela, Jani, Lexi, Quinn, Secily, Abby, Nichole, Shay
5th ward

Are these the cutest leaders ever?
4th ward- Jamie, Karin, Heather, Holly, Kelby, Kahlia, Tara, Rachael

Two AMAZING girls- Mare & Becky- stake YW pres and stake camp director

Me and my sis Linds
Kari & Karen
Annie, Sage, Jada
Um- look at these cute girls with red lips at girls camp!
The talented, amazing 4th ward!! I'm on the back, 2nd from left.

This was a booth Brooke and Kim set up for the girls to work on Personal Progress while at camp- it was so pretty I had to take a pic. She got the cute subway art signs off pinterest.

The cute 4th year hikers hiked to a spot, set up tents and slept over night.

We decided to hike and surprise them to say hi and see how they were doing right at sunset.
It was the prettiest hike- changing red skies the whole time, and right when we got there, it started to pour and got dark. Then the lightning came- the biggest, loudest, scariest lightning ever. The girls scrambled for their tents and we started to book it back to our cabins in our ponchos. 
We ran into 2 other wards of girls out for a hike that night too.
But the storm passed and we were fine.
We all might have screamed and wanted to hold hands while the lightning was going...

4th ward doing yoga
YCL's pumping everyone up again.

Our stake- 8 wards singing on the last day.

the whole group
the kitchen area had a pebble ice machine for us all to use for our water bottles... spoiled I know! I just loved this sign hung on it since it would back up every once in a while. And really, how could you be mad at it with this sign?
Full stake camp committee!
Jen, Brooke, Patrice, Kari, Mare, Sarai, Linds, Liz, Lynn, Becky, Rebecca (who has the best Australian accent!) Sini, Kim, Karen, Tina (we missed Amy who had to stay home with her sick son last minute.)

Linds & Sini
Some girls found this little salamander and let me take pics of it for the boys, who would have loved to hold it!

4th ward awards at the end of camp were darling and we all laughed hard. 
I got the "Courageous Croaker" award thanks to my lack of a voice for the week, 
and perhaps that I tried to give a devotional/lesson while I didn't have a voice?
My friend was even willing to do it for me with the things I had prepared on testimony, 
but it was just so important to tell the girls what I know, how a testimony is one of our greatest companions! I couldn't pass up the chance to talk about mine!
We checked off all the cabins when they were cleaned, loaded the buses and sent the girls home since we rode in Karen's van. These are the missionaries that spoiled us rotten and the stake yw presidency.
Such a fun, amazing week!
I was so glad to get home to my boys though!
Thanks to Adam's parents, my mom and Aunt Christie for helping watch them while I was gone and Adam was at work!


Mariana said...

This sounds and looks like an amazing experience in more ways - physically, spiritually,socially...

Mama Swalz said...

wow! looks like you had another great time at girls camp this year... again! its the perfect time where testimonies grow and are shared and great friendships are made forever!

Melissa said...

So glad you went because you are one of the funnest people around! I know jada loves hanging out with you. You guys are amazing, I can not believe how much work was put in. Thanks for all you do!!

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