Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Linc the preschooler

Look who started preschool- Mister Lincoln!
He looks so big with a backpack on- even if it is as big as him!
He is going to a little neighborhood preschool and started last week.
He is making friends and learning about letters, colors and friends.
I asked Ms. Trisha how he was doing in class and asked if he was rough and loud...
She said he is so quiet and good and always talks in a whisper.
Say whaaaat?

Here he is leading the way to class, just like this twice a week:

 I'll admit- this little face was so unlike my Linc I almost thought he was going to run after me!
But he loved it. He has been asking when it would be his turn to go and I think a couple hours a week are just right for him right now. Hard to believe my baby is this big, but at the same time, he seems like an independent little adult sometimes. Three years old going on 10.
Love my lil' student.
Preschool success!

Side note: I let this cute crown float around our house for a few days before I folded it and buried it in the garbage can only to have Linc bring it to me with cake crumbs stuck to it and soaking wet in other places asking why it was in the garbage.... it is now on his night stand in his room. :)

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Mama Swalz said...

How cute is that?? I just love it! Just perfect for Linc :) Why do they have to grow up so fast??

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