Wednesday, March 27, 2013

4 brothers

4 boys in a row
Franky- 2 weeks, Linc almost 4, Ollie almost 7, Elliott 9 1/2
Elliott got the boys all lined up and told me to come and take a picture.

It is such a funny dynamic- four boys.
We are still figuring it out and are really just amazed. 
We never could have thought this is how our family would be.
I love how different each of the boys are...
And how much they are alike.

Elliott is my biggest helper with Franky- always asking to hold him and loves getting him from his crib.
But Ollie and Linc help too. Linc has even brought the baby to me a couple of times. (gulp)
These pictures make me laugh- everyone is trying to help in some way:

Each boy has something different- burp cloth, toy, blanket- they all want to help.
They did this all on their own without any promptings from me or Adam.
(Sorry for Adam's blink in this one, but Franky's face is too cute!)

Franky is very, very loved by his big brothers.
 I have a feeling he'll be able to hold his own someday amongst all these boys!


Elena said...

I love seeing your life. It's like mine 8 years ago. Boy families rock. Squeeze them all and have so much fun. Before you know it your babies will be taller than you and you will be looking at missions.

Melissa said...

Such cute boys!! I love how they all want to help so much, cute pics :)

B and Jessica said...

So amazing, sini! You're making me baby hungry!

Mama Swalz said...

It's like the boys are all playing dress-up! It's so cute!

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