Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ollie's party

Ollie finally got his tooth out a couple nights before his birthday... with a little help from Adam.
His tooth had been sticking straight out for a while so I was relieved it finally came out.
My SIL used to teach 1st grade and she said that while she was having them read to her she used to dream of ways of helping the kids get their teeth out- haha! I can relate. 

Ollie's birthday balloons and his "I'm 7 today!" pin that came on his card. 
He wore it to school all day. 

We had a family scout dinner planned for that night, so right when Adam came home from work he got to open presents and blow out a candle on his donut.
(Such good donuts at Station 13 Donuts in Lehi... 
thanks a lot to whoever told me about those yummy things! 
Their peanut butter are my favorite, but Ollie just wanted glazed.)

Friday night Ollie took his friends Dawson and Wes and cousin Benny, and of course his brothers to Airborne Trampoline Arena. It was so much fun! I was the picture taker this time, but someday I want to try it!

Linc wasn't happy after this throw by Adam.
Ollie flipping into the foam pit.
Elliott's flip
Trampoline walls were a hit!

Benny in the back!

Ollie, Dawson and Wes

Linc would climb up the whole side of this!!

Best Buds- Dawson, Ollie and Wes
Cute cousins and Best Buddies!
We got McDonald's on the way home and they had HexBugs as the prizes.
Linc playing the bongos :)
The cake was supposed to be Transformer... Adam thought it looked more like Nacho Libre. Whatevs.
P.S. Never try to make red frosting with food coloring!!! Pretty sure I put in 50 drops and it still looked pink. Ollie added his little Transformers and the Lego candles...

present time

Afterwards, the boys turned off the lights and ran around playing with light-up balloons until they went home around 8:30-9:00. Such a fun day for our 7-year-old Oliver!


rachel said...

Happy Birthday Ollie! Can't believe he is 7... crazy. Where is the time going?!

Mama Swalz said...

Looks like Ollie had a great time! Another success!! Happy Birthday Mr O!! We love you!!

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