Wednesday, March 20, 2013

first week

Here are some pictures from Franky's first week:
Franky was on the go at four days old- first his newborn pics and then a jaundice test at the hospital.

His jaundice levels kept getting higher so he had to be on this bilibed for four days and three nights. 
And we had to go to the hospital for SIX bilirubin tests for six days in a row. I really just wanted to stay home and snuggle my baby, but oh well. And his poor little heels from all of the pricks to draw a vile of blood- so sad! He didn't mind the bed though, it was like a little hammock and much more comfy than the bili suitcase Ollie had to be on when he was born.

Vampire baby!
A close-up of his bruised little eyes.

Auntie Linds
Visitors had to come to my room to see Franky since we kept the bilibed up there.
My cute friend Michelle

Our tan little jaundice baby.
Adam gets the best burps out like this, but I prefer the shoulder.

Movie night with the boys. I still can't believe this is our boy family!!

These cute pj's fit him for like a week.

Funny angle on this one- shoulder pads anyone? Haha.
My sweet view of my beautiful baby boy as I hold him on my chest. I am in total love with the snuggly newborn stage!
I never want to forget his oh-so-soft skin, his little breaths, his wispy-soft baby hair, rubbing his little back and patting his tiny diapered bum. And that baby smell! Heaven!


Melissa said...

So sad that his first week was so crazy, but I am glad all is well now. He is so darn cute! He is definitaly a cute swalberg boy :). You guys have the cutest boys ever! All these pictures are way cute. It makes me want a baby so bad. I guess you will just have to let me borrow Franky sometime :).

Sini said...

Oh he is so cute, I hope he will be soon alright :)

rachel said...

these pictures are making me want to come over and hold that baby. You had a rough start, but its all worth it! Love that his big brothers love him so much. Bryce wants a new baby, but Brady says no. I don't think I would get the kind of help you are getting!

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