Tuesday, March 12, 2013

my little valentines

Valentines Day was the day after we brought Franky home. 
The night was interesting, with Franky waking up every couple of hours. 
I was beyond tired in the morning and was out cold when Adam took the above picture of a snuggle with Lincoln. I was very impressed I got to be in a picture (without asking) just being a momma.
Everyone was so excited about the new baby and piled on our bed to hold him, 
although Linc was still a little unsure...

The boys went to school, Adam went to work and Linc and I 
stayed home taking pictures of our newest little Valentine.

Napping in the portable crib set up in my room.

Adam dropped by mid-morning with a breakfast sandwich, Kneader's mint brownies (my favorite) and these delicious smelling roses. I think we're both getting old because we were VERY impressed a week later with how the roses lasted and at such a great price from Costco... haha!

My friend Amy brought these scrumptious cookies over (too bad Linc and I ate them all!)
And Melissa brought these monogrammed cookies over later. We felt loved. 
Adam helped Ollie make his Valentine box while I was in the hospital- pretty cute I say.
The boys had fun class parties at school and had fun going through their cute notes... 
I did too- kids are so cute. 

After dinner we got some more visitors- my brother Eric, his wife Tagen and sweet Baby Finnley.
She is 2 months old here. Excited for Franky and Finnley to be good friends!
Isn't it funny what a difference 2 months can make?
Ollie took the next few pictures-- my brother Eric.

And finally... two sweet, tired boys.
Nights can't come soon enough- we are all so worn out by then!

With Franky here, Valentine's Day was extra special this year.


emily b. said...

Funny story: Michael was sitting here with me looking at all the pictures of your beautiful boysies and he goes, "HOLY COW! That little one is definitely a McEntire! He looks EXACTLY like Eric did when he was little." (Meaning your Oliver.) He still cannot get over it. And I can't get over how sweet your new little one is. So happy for you! My favorite times with my babes was when they were fresh from the womb. :) Congrats!

Anonymous said...

So sweet.

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