Friday, March 22, 2013

Franky's second week

Grammy and Grandpa were in California to welcome Baby Stella exactly a week before Franky was born and stayed for a couple of weeks. When Franky was eight days old, they came straight from the airport to see him. He is lucky to have such amazing grandparents!

Karen snapped one of me and my Franky.

Tummy time- not a fan yet.

More happy dreams.
Elliott is my helper who is always asking to hold the baby.
He is very patient with him- it's fun to see.

Someone (me) had an ice cream/ sweets infatuation those first few weeks and the boys got to benefit!
Does this craving happen to anyone else while they're nursing??

Adam loves his little baby- we both love the newborn stage so much!

Super hero Franky to the rescue!

This is how our days look like when the big brothers are at school- pretty quiet.

And everyone congregates around the baby when they are home. 

The boys all take turns giving Franky a stuffed toy and I always find him like this.
We love all the hair Franky has in back... not so much up front yet though.

Here is my attempt with the big camera by myself.
And here's one that I had Elliott take. This is how I get in the pics people! 
(I want Franky to know I was there too- ha!)
P.S. Can you see Ollie's silhouette on the right as he is running through the shot?

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Mama Swalz said...

Great pics Sini! Beautiful familu too!

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