Friday, March 8, 2013

bringing franky home

 Bringing home Franky was so great!
My friend Melissa picked up my boys from school since we got released from the hospital around 4:00 and I told her to tell the boys Franky was coming home, since they weren't so sure!
We picked up Linc from Linds' and picked up the big boys and they flocked to that little man!

 We decided to give him a hair wash since he still had the tape stickiness on his head.
I do a quick hair wash in the sink like this a lot because it seems like baby hair gets greasy so fast.
Maybe it's from all the kisses and head pets??
 Elliott making sure he doesn't fall- such a good big brother.
 Pro Big Brother :)

 Ollie's getting good at this big brother job too.

 His cheeks are still so swollen here. He looks like a different baby almost!

First Visitors!
Grandma and Grandpa Peckham

cousin Benny
Uncle Brian
cousin Elli
Oliver, Elli, Benny, Franky, Will, Addie
Had to put in this crying one. Newborn cries are so darn cute and sad.
 It was the BIGGEST relief to come home and sleep in my own bed. 
You can see how tired I was here- and I couldn't wait to get in the shower and sleeeeeep!

Franky's fan club

Franky in his little bed in our room. I got nervous this first night with a newborn in the house again. But things were fine and great. As long as I didn't mind waking up every two hours. At least I could sleep without nurses coming in to check on me. 

Welcome home little Franky!


Tisha and Mark said...

What a sweet little angel! Such a lucky little boy to have a loving fan club! Hope Franky is letting you sleep! :)

Lindz said...

I'm loving all your Franky posts!! :) It's so sweet to see pics of your big boys loving on their brother....and holy cow, your other boys look so gigantic all of a sudden!! :)

Mama Swalz said...

What precious pictures of all your boys! Just so cute to see them all loving little Franky!

Tagen and Eric said...

We love little Franky! Finnley was so excited to hear that Franky came to join her.

Elisabeth said...

Loved getting caught up on your blog. Birthdays, birth and boys. Doesn't get any better than that. You have a beautiful amazing family!

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