Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ollie at 8

First day of scouts! (March 2014)
Ollie is such a good kid- happy most of the time, works hard to get better at things, and is happy to try out new situations. He is a great friend to everyone! His teachers have great things to say about him too. The thing about Ollie is this: things come easy to him. It doesn't mean he doesn't work on things, it just seems like he is naturally good at many things. (He gets this from his dad!) I feel so lucky to be the mom of this sweet, silly kid. Love you Ollie!

Here are some pics from the year:
Missing tooth! And I miss his hair like this but he prefers it short.

Jr. Jazz with buddy Hudson

Easter 2013

tasting pickle juice
With Grandpa Steve
Neighborhood party- slip n slide.

Las Vegas visiting cousins
Halloween 2013

Ollie's soccer game.

pumpkin harvest

school fair
cousin sleepover
Halloween 2013

At the USS Midway in San Diego after they earned their wings.

Best bud- Dawson

Easter 2013

Sea World 
San Diego

Elliott, Ben, Ollie, Linc

Ollie's 8-year-old Interview:

color- purple
food- fried rice
dessert- strawberry shakes
hobby- tricks on the trampoline
friends- Dawson, Hudson and Shawn
band- The Beatles
sports- basketball and soccer
animal- black scorpion
future job- stocker at a store
mission guess- Finland
future kids- 4

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