Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mormon Battalion, Old Town & San Diego Zoo

 The San Diego Zoo was gorgeous because it is also a botanical garden! It was so big with so many animals to see. Lots of pretty paths, moving sidewalks, buses and trams (even an aerial tram!) to get you around and take you on tours. It was perfect weather and just got chilly at the end. A perfect November day.

 We went straight for the Panda exhibit, where we were asked to talk in whispers and only a limited amount of people could be in the viewing area at once. The two out on display were both sleeping, so this is the best shot we got- a full moon- haha.

 Four cute boys. We got soooo many comments on this trip about having all boys. 
We loved showing them off. :) And I never get sick of people telling me how they/their friend/family member had all boys, or all girls, different gender at the end, etc. It is such a fun conversation to have with people!

 Riding the aerial tram to the other side of the zoo. It was so pretty seeing all the foliage from above.

 One boy excited to go up, one a little nervous. I'm glad he faced his fear though because he ended up loving it!

 Polar Bear exhibit.

 Arctic foxes were so pretty! The boys and I love foxes.

 Feet vibrating machines. I remember these from the Hogle Zoo back in the day. They were awesome and helped revive our feet from all that walking!
 Linc would not keep his sandals on,  so we were those people whose kid was barefoot at the zoo.

 The hippo was so funny to watch zooming in slow motion around the bottom of it's pool. 

 I let one of the boys use my camera and it ran out of batteries at the hippo... so the rest are iphone and a bit out of order.

 It felt more like we were visiting gardens- all the animals hidden out of view unless you go off the paths to find them.
 Moving sidewalk.

 Taking the zoo tour, because there was no way to see everything and plus we heard some fun facts from the driver.

Cute Koalas- even though they are hard to see.
 The boys found this giant beetle at lunch.

 Python bones.

 Stopped by the petting zoo at the end.

 If we didn't have Halloween the week before, I would have gotten this for Franky's costume- so, so funny.
 First ice cream!

We had a lovely, relaxed day at the zoo!
Next we went to Old Town, San Diego, ate at a recommended restaurant- Old Town Mexican and walked around the shops.

We went to the Mormon Battalion museum, thinking we'd see an old building and a plaque, but it was actually an interactive museum where we all learned a lot from the cute sister missionaries. The craziest thing was the other family in our group who were also from Utah, also had four boys with one named Oliver and one Everett (Franky's middle name.) Talk about the twilight zone. 

The boys loved trying on the gear.

Panning for (fool's) gold.

Baking bricks.

We had a fun-filled day! I love hanging out with my little family! (Which I realize our family is big, especially in California, but they're still small...)

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