Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Franky's 1st birthday party

Franky turned one on February 11th! 
We had a party with family!
He is such a funny boy.
This picture collage was supposed to be a one...
The tape didn't hold very well to the wall so it slowly fell down through the night. Oh well.
I had left my good camera at my mom's and was really bummed to not have it for Franky's big day! This was my test shot with my little camera that would have to do. We had fun watching the winter olympics in Sochi all night and chatting with everyone. And the kids had fun playing!
Cousins Cooper and Franky. Cooper is 4 months older. They look so much alike when I look at them apart, but a little different when they're together. Cooper is so tall!

Funny boys. 
I knew Franky would love his cake and dig in! He looooves food and eats it by the fistful all day long. 

 A little taste before we sang.

Addie, Gabby, Franky, Linc, Willy, Elliott, Benny

Singing to Franky while he smiles at everyone.

Cake aftermath!

Cake success! What a mess!
Fisher and Gabby were so cute playing together... both 3 years old. 

Franky's face is all digital- but I love Finnley's scrunchy nose!

With Aunt Christie and cousin Gabby.
Finnley is two months older than Franky. 
Cousins in their stripes- Cooper, Finnley and Franky. Someday these guys will be best buddies. 

The big boys playing a race car game. 
Fisher, Ollie, Elliott and Ben

Cooper would smile every time I tried to take a picture- a little sweetheart!
Franky loves Grandma!

Erkki, Finnley, Tagen and Grandma

Troy, Fisher, Cooper and Lisa- cute little family!
Ben, Linds, Will, Elli, Brian and Addie
Franky sneaking up the stairs- he loves them!
Franky loves his Grammy and Grandpa!

Happy 1st birthday dear Franky boy! 
We love you so much!

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Tisha and Mark said...

It has been fun watching him grow for a year! What a darling boy!

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