Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ollie's 8th birthday!

We let Ollie open his presents first thing in the morning before school and work. 
He has been wanting a new bike for a while, so he was one happy 8-year-old!

Franky is obsessed with bikes too and can always be found inspecting them :)
Ollie was excited to have a Star Wars party and wanted me to make a R2-D2 cake. 
We both liked the way it turned out and I even had a hard time cutting into it and wrecking the artwork- haha. 

Ollie, Jacob from bball, Dawson, Hudson, Shawn, Gabby, Ben, Addie, Elliott
Party full of Jedis!
Ben, Madison, Elli
Will, Adam, Clara, Gabby, Matix, Shawn, Hudson, Dawson, Madison, Ollie, Grandma, Elli
We had some Jedi training, and shot some targets with nerf guns, went on a scavenger hunt for the Darth Vader candle and finally gave them laser lights as light sabers. They had so much fun running around and playing after that!

Ollie, Jacob, Eli, Matix, Addie, Will, Ryan, Benny, Linc, Gabby, S, Elliott, Clara, Shawn, Dawson, Elli, Madison, Hudson. 

We loved the box of kleenex Madison and Clara gave him that secretly held $10 taped together. I actually bought this from Ollie so I could use it as a present later... :)
After the craziness of the party, we watched part of Star Wars until it was time to go home. Fun Friday night!

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Knudson Family said...

What a fun birthday Ollie! It's our bday party I've got a few to plan in the next few weeks. We will be at the reunion, and are so excited to see you all again!

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