Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ollie's 2nd grade program

 Ollie had the cutest 2nd grade program where each of the four classes learned about a different country, then counted to ten in that language, sang "head, shoulders, knees and toes" and another song in that language and then did a dance from that country. Ollie sang in Chinese of course. They sang some English songs too. It was one of the most entertaining and fun programs I've been to! 
 We actually got there early and sat on the front row right in front of Ollie. It was so fun to see him so close! And Franky had fun playing on the stairs before hand. 
Matix, Gwen, Hailey, Dawson, Addie, Ollie

"Dentists are people in your neighborhood!"

 Playing on the stage afterwards. I loved Linc's green outfit choice of the day.

Ollie with his teacher Ai Lao Shi (Mrs. Darling)
 We had fun walking through the halls to the boys' classes- they are so proud of their school and love it so much!

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