Saturday, March 15, 2014

sea world & San Diego temple

Our second day in San Diego we went to Sea World. That morning as we were getting ready, Adam called to the boys to come and see the dolphins splashing just off our beach. These pics are from the beach house balcony. So cool! They were hanging out just near the surfers. We saw them most mornings after that. 

Sea World was very uncrowded. We thought it was from the cool weather, but apparently it's been losing popularity after a movie came out about the treatment of animals there. I haven't seen it, so we really enjoyed Sea World! It was my first time there. All the workers pointed out how much they loved and cared for the animals. I keep thinking- if we want to see them up close, even zoo animals, then we have to get them somewhere, right? I know free is best, because they don't live as long in captivity, but I'm glad we got to see the animals up close. My friend told us to feed the dolphins- so here we are waiting for them to start.

Franky has the best seat in the house!

So fun to be up close!

Here the boys are waving their fingers to get the dolphins to wave.

The boys got to feed the dolphins some fish and then play this game with them.

Feeding fish to the bat rays. 

With our bird friend who hung around us while we ate lunch. 

Sweet daddy with babe in arms. Franky never falls asleep in our arms, so it was cute to see. 
(I wonder which pocket Adam keeps his phone in? Ha!)

So many flamingoes!

We loved the cool shark exhibit!
Franky, looking concerned after his mini nap. He was too cute, I just kept snapping pics. 

duck tail :)

California trees and plants are so beautiful- we loved this tree.
Lincoln, in his own world, talking to his shark. 

They had a really fun animal show with mostly cats and animals, some birds, pigs, etc. It was amazing what these animals could do! 
At the killer whale show- it was fun, but really short. 
The boys were mad because at first we were sitting in the splash zone, until they showed a video of how much people get dumped on, so I made us move. It was a good decision. 

Fun playland. 

The only bummer was that it closed at 5:00 for their winter hours. We loved Sea World!

After eating delicious warm thai food, we went to see this castle- the San Diego Temple. 
It was beyond gorgeous!
My camera was having a hard time with the dark and lights.

Really pretty details!

Linc loved collecting snails from the flowerbeds. Yikes. 

Families are Forever!

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