Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Franky turns 1!

 Franky is officially one and he couldn't be any cuter! 
We love all his smiles and rare snuggles!
He had ten teeth by the time he was one, including his two top 1-year molars.
(Writing this about a month later his bottom molar has come in and the other one is puffy and will come any day!)
I stopped nursing him the week he turned one and he has turned into quite the night sleeper- usually going to bed around 6:45-7:00 and waking up around 7:30. It is SO nice! 
He loves his naps and still takes a morning and afternoon one.
He goes right in his crib and hums himself to sleep.
We love checking the monitor to see him sleeping like a stink bug (bum in the air) and playing with his stuffed animals for a while after he wakes up.
He LOVES his blankie and usually wants to hold it if he sees it. 
Loves his binky.
He loves to eat and will grab fistfuls of food to put in his mouth.
He is always hanging around his big brothers when they are eating snacks asking for some in baby language and grabs. 
Loves to dance. 
Took his first consecutive steps this week (about 13 months) and is using his walking skills a little more every day.
He is happy, happy, happy.
Does NOT love getting diaper changes and tries his best to roll away the whole time. (Fun!)
Loves to meow like a kitty when he sees ours or a picture of one.
Also says "ghk" over and over when he sees our cat Suki. 
Can say "Ma ma ma ma" and "Da da da da" but I don't know if he realizes what he's saying. 
LOVES playing outside and crawling in the dirt.
Today I saw him laying on his stomach in the flowerbed looking close and feeling one of our first crocuses- it was so cute!
Loves taking baths and taking drinks as the faucet fills the tub.
Swims like a fish and laughs and splashes like crazy.
He loves babies and kids and will go right up to them to play.
He will go up to people at church, look them right in the eye until they look at him and then he'll give them the biggest smile. 
Loves his momma the most for now.
Loves that Daddy too, but likes to look at him from my arms. :)
His big brothers are so good to him and he loves them so much!
His hair seems like it's getting darker to me, but everyone says it looks so light. 
Compared to Ollie's at this age that was bright white. 
Franky has had three haircuts starting at 8 months. (He doesn't love the buzzers.)
We love our little blue-eyed boy!

He is into EVERYTHING and loves to:
open the toilet lid and swish with his hands
unravel the toilet paper
take things out of the garbage
put things in the garbage (shoes, binkies, toys, etc.)
throw things down the stairs
climb up and down the stairs
take everything out of the cupboards (bathrooms and kitchen)
eat cat food (so yucky!) and splash in the cat's water
play and smash his brother's Legos

Franky and Addie

We have had so much fun watching little Franky get big and watch his personality come out! 

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Knudson Family said...

Yep, that is one cute boy!

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