Sunday, March 16, 2014

uss midway tour

 Touring the USS MIDWAY was really cool! When we were standing in line, a guy who volunteered there (all the volunteers were retirement age men) started talking to us and slipped us a coupon for $3 off per ticket- or like $15 off. We thought that was so kind of him. 

We got to tour the inside where they had plane cockpits that you could get inside and test out. Then we went on top where they kept all the planes. We got to go inside some of their cargo areas too. Then we went underground to the living area and offices. So fun for the boys to see and try out everything. They marked off all of their spots in their brochure by listening and visiting each site to earn their wings at the end. 

 Old picture of what it looked like when it was out to see. It was the head ship during the Gulf War.

We saw this man sitting with a poster and went to talk to him. His name was James D. Reily, Sr. and was a WWII vet. He told us about his service and answered any questions he had. He said his son talked him into telling his story, even though he himself thought nobody would be interested. We were honored to meet and talk to him!

 It was SO hot on the tarmac! Whew!

the ship jail
the claustrophobic beds

My five guys outside the ship.

Getting their wings- so cute.

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