Tuesday, April 24, 2012

aspen lakes

Mare & Liz
Last weekend I went to Aspen Lakes in Heber with a few of my neighbors to scout out our camping spot for a church camp this summer for 300 people. It had snowed the night before and was beyond gorgeous.

I can't believe we get to camp there! 

We even saw two moose after we had passed their tracks a 
few times on the roads and trails as we hiked around. 
This one just looked at us as he munched some food. 
Good thing there were trees between us- I was ready to run!

frozen lake
We will be using these boats... hopefully in warmer weather, 
but you never know in the Utah mountains in early June. 

Some of the stake leaders in charge of getting things planned and ready.

This is the pavilion where we will eat and gather in case of bad weather.
The doors along all the sides can be open or closed.

I want my house to look like this someday because it is amazing!

I love all the windows and light, the high wood ceilings and even the concrete floor.
Seriously- this is my dream house!
Now if I can just get this view for my future house...

Gosh, it was amazing up there.

I'm excited to finally do all the activities we and the youth 
committee have been planning for months and months. 

I'm sure I'll have some summer photos of Aspen Lakes then too. 
Hopefully I can do my duties while I'm there rather than snapping pics the whole time?



Melissa said...

That looks like it is going to be sooo much fun! I am so excited for Dax and Jada :). Thanks for helping plan it all.

Mariana said...

Wow!! It's amazing!
This is just... Wow!
And your photos are wonderful!

I like your dream house, too.

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