Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Barbados was our last island before heading home. 
We just wanted to sit on the beach and relax.
We found a cool place where you paid to get in, got free chairs with umbrellas and one free soda, plus a free shuttle ride back to the dock.

They had a fun rope swing and a trampoline and climbing wall out in the ocean.
Plus we could use a little wi-fi closer to the restaurant/bar.

It was perfect.

The guys thought it would be fun to have matching visor sunglasses!!!
Adam had the funniest tan lines at the end of it all.

Sunglasses with a heavy dose of CHEESE...




Gorgeous, no?

Rich fit right in with the Europeans.

This was our 2nd formal night.
The boys looked snazzy in their turtlenecks- and Rich's mustache is perfect.

 There was always something cool going on in the foyer.

It was lobster night! 
Someone got this vegetable pate... it was so interesting I had to get a pic.
 more pretty dessert 
 This is Adam at karaoke again singing Meatloaf's "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that."
Dedicated to all the Mormons out there. (There were lots of people on this cruise from Utah mind you- so funny.)

 The lucky guy caught Adam's coat and brought it up just as 
Adam's pointing at him and singing, "But I won't do that."
 Adam's hair kept getting bigger and bigger as the night progressed!

 Seriously- who is this guy?

 Dancing with Marvin, the cruise activity guy.
 We had such early mornings, long days and late nights... Abby and Brooke both nodded off for a bit.

elevator shot
Another amazing day! 
Have I talked you into a cruise yet?


Tisha and Mark said...

I think I am taking a swals approach for the rest of my vacas- buy the ugliest clothes I can find for the whole trip. The dude in the speedo...SICK! Looks like you had a great time! We dfinitely haven't lived until we have done somewhere with you guys! :)

B and Jessica said...

Love it all. And you are ao brown! You have always tanned so well.

lindsey v said...

You guys definitely know how to do trips. I've been on a cruise... and mine wasn't as fun as yours looks. Ha!

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