Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Over Easter weekend, me and the boys played at Liberty Park downtown while Adam went to his favorite record store- Randy's. If it's been a while, he just has to get up there to see the new stock. We aren't going to hang out at home without him- we get enough of that during the week.

Anyway- I have to keep remembering that the boys won't always be this happy just by going to the park. But for now- it's almost as fun as anything we pay to do. Might as well do the free stuff I say. 
Ollie climbing on the outside of the structure. 
They also climb on top of the things they aren't supposed to. 
Maybe they are too old?

Notice Lincoln's vans that were ruined- you guessed it- on his bike.
He wouldn't wear any other pair and asked me to fix them.
So I whipped out the white duct tape- ha!
(They have since been retired.)

Ollie and his camera stance- stinker.


Tisha and Mark said...

I have a feeling duct taped shoes are in my future. Ok, so I scrolled beyond this post to the Paris post- is that recent? When did you go to guys are seriously so well traveled. I am jealous!

sinika said...

Woops- working on my Paris posts from a year and a half ago... I never got them up with Christmas and everything going on. But I am determined. Then I can finally make my Europe book! Anyway- still working on it so I took it off for now. :)

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