Friday, April 20, 2012

skiing at the park

Linds- skiing
We didn't have too many snowy days this winter which is very strange 
and kind of refreshing from our usual snow-packed days.

On President's Day the boys were out of school and I got a call 
from my mom that her and Linds would be skiing at the park 
if we wanted to join them.

We snagged Ollie's snowshoes on the way out and after 
dropping Elliott off at a birthday party, met up with them.

I'm sure we were a sight to see for all my neighbors, whose houses back the park...
Benny and Ollie

My mom and Linc

I feel bad that I never found the boots after I packed them away last Spring. 
But we didn't need them this winter. 
Except for this day.
Addie- 4 years, skiing.
Cutest thing ever.

Linc doing the Charlie Brown...

Little Will was so funny feasting on the snow.
He would take a mouthful and chew it with his eyes closed like it was manna from heaven.

Elli and Ben

Me and my adventurous Momma

View of Mt. Timpanogas from our neighborhood- gorgeous.
Ski tracks and Utah Lake.

Since it was our only chance so far, we made a snowman when we got home.

Linc tasting the fresh powder.

Wearing Adam's 30-year-old little red boots.

My neighbor's crazy curly shrub covered in snow.

Goodbye snow. Maybe we'll see you next year?

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The Kohler Family said...

You guys always have so much fun. I LOVE the OREO's for snowman eyes!

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