Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter weekend

Easter weekend was just right.
It didn't seem busy until I looked through these pics.
Maybe because we spent time with our little family, our big families, 
and even went on a date with Adam somehow.

Saturday we colored eggs.
Elliott was so excited he wanted to do it late the night before.
Lincoln was mostly interested in eating the eggs, sans yolk of course.
Pretty sure he ate five of them.
Ollie just went with the flow.
They were all proud of their egg art in the end.

Adam's only egg. I decorated five. Turns out I like it as much as the boys.

Saturday afternoon we dropped the boys off at Grammy and Grandpa's house to play while we went to dinner. They had fun playing, watching movies in their theater and later- an egg hunt!

Grammy and the boys.

Thanks Grammy and Grandpa for a fun day!
Grandpa was showing us how strong Lincoln was... funny guys.

Easter morning was peaceful and exciting...

We had a lovely day at church.

Elliott was excited to try his new skateboard.

Our flowering pear. 
Every house on our street has one of these- they look so pretty blooming right now!

After church we headed to my mom's house for a little story on the true meaning and celebration of Easter and then some Finnish potato bread and cabbage soup. 
Then it was out for another little hunt in their giant backyard.


Addie and Linc- best buds.
Some of the grandkids with Grandma
Karissa, Baby Jordan, Grandma Leena, Estacia, Addie, Elli, Bailey, Oliver, Elliott, Benny, Lincoln, Ryder, J.D., Trevan
Don't let Benny fool you- he made this face in the 5 pics I snapped to get one good one- silly kid. 
Baby Jordan laughing at her Daddy.
Mister Will came into this pic on the far right.
We got to visit baby chicks at the next-door-neighbor's house.

My Mom's garden was colorful and fabulous as usual.
Thanksgiving Point might have a little competition with her yard. 

Linc and his favorite kitty to hold- Vega.
My sil- Joy, Baby Jordan, Leena and little bro- Mikey.
We had a fun weekend! 
So glad the weather cooperated and I loved seeing our families.


Tisha and Mark said...

I too selected the Robot pails from Target :) Good choice!! Happy Easter!

Mariana said...

I just love your family photos.

I almost always forget to take family photos. :/ Thanks to my sisters and niece, I have some... :)

lindsey v said...

Skateboards?! I might have to come try one out. Sitting on it, of course. Way fun Easter!

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