Monday, April 16, 2012

ship day- fare thee well

Our last day of the cruise was spent onboard, sailing from Barbados back up to Puerto Rico.
We finally had time to read our books (I brought 3) and watch some movies on the outdoor screen and take catnaps. And of course take ice cream breaks whenever we wanted. It was great! 

Watching "The Artist" on the big screen. Not sure why the picture wouldn't show up on my camera?
Virgin Daquiri- our only $7 drink of the cruise. 
They totally lose money on us since we don't drink alcohol!

The gang- Abby, Brooke, Luke, Rich & Adam.
sunset on the ocean

So I realize some of this food doesn't look so great in the photos- but after this cruise I am a huge fan of souffles! This was a chicken-mushroom souffle for my appetizer. Turkey dinner for me and steak for Adam below.

ice cream cake
Here we are a week later, with a little more tan, and maybe a few pounds heavier- haha.
Talking to our favorite musician onboard. This guy was SO good at singing. Pretty cool dude.
Watching the farewell show that night- I like how this one turned out!
We took these two for our neighbor, Petter so he could see his long lost twin. Hehe.

We made it to Puerto Rico that night and just circled the island for a little bit, which was strange. (Those lights are Puerto Rico...)
But once we were in Puerto Rico (a U.S. territory) my phone worked! 
So I talked to my little Linc for 5 seconds before he dropped the phone to chase my sister's cat. 
Then she sent me this sweet pic of him freshly bathed talking to me on the phone. (Heart-Melt)
This was the view of the Caribbean waters from the plane- amazing and beautiful!
The morning we got off the boat, the airline had rescheduled our flights to leave the next day.
Somehow after some prodding, they were able to get us home that night. 
Good thing, because I missed my babies!

So, hopefully by now, you have booked your next cruise, or started saving your pennies.
They are a good deal, you see lots of places in one trip, and you don't have to move your luggage around. That is all before the food!

And as you can see, you can always invite us along for your entertainment. 
We are so much fun. 
And when I say "we" I mean Adam. 
But I can be your photographer. 

The End.


Melissa said...

I loved all the pictures. It looks like you guys had such a great time. It made me realize we really need to go again soon :).

Anonymous said...

...and fun. :)

Elisabeth said...

Almost convinced me. Definetly something you have to do with friends for sure. Loved reading your trip report!

Megan Marie said...

linc is such a heart melter.

i can't believe everyone and their matchy sunglasses. this trip is just hilarious!

scott, natalie and kids said...

Looks like so much fun! Scott loves the boating attire and says he is game.

Jaclyn said...

i love when i find vaca posts. it just makes me want to go somewhere! your family is lovely.

the lovebirds said...

wow--- so jealous!! You have an adorable family, and I love your cute hair. xo

Emily Fotheringham said...

We love cruises! Seriously though we need to go with you--you guys look like you have such a fun time. I love the picture of you at the top of this post--you look like a cool movie star.

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