Monday, April 9, 2012

pleather pants- Dominica

Adam was most excited about his pleather Wranglers.
He found these on the same day he found the Scamp, for anyone who knows that fiasco.
He claims it's one of his luckier days.
But back to this outfit. 
I didn't even bring my camera out of the room that night.
But Abby did. 
And she got some pretty funny ones!
I instantly noticed people staring at the shiny glare of the pants from the second we walked out of our room. Our room attendant, who was in the hall, and I had a BIG laugh.

I also felt compelled to explain ourselves to some older people in the elevator. 
I think they were glad I said something because they BURST out laughing.
The pointing and laughing from strangers continued all night.
Adam loved it, but I've never felt so embarrassed for some reason...
Salmon and roasted veggies for me that night.

pretty dessert sampler

Adam ripping up the dance floor.
Masking my embarrassment by trying to stay positive...
Jim Morrison
Brooke and Sini

Okay- so the doors to outside would be completely windy at night.
It was hard to push them open, and when you did, the wind was unbelievable.
Luke even got smacked in the head super hard by the door one night. Not cool.
The guys used that wind for this photo shoot:

Channeling his inner Scott Stapp of Creed- his favorite band. (not.)

Of course we were all in front of him, laughing our heads off.
Maybe you had to be there?

the guys


Knudson Family said...

I am laughing OUT LOUD! Adam is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

These photos are priceless!!

B and Jessica said...


lindsey v said...

I love the photo shoot. The pants look like they're made of duct tape.

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