Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ollie's mom

The other day I signed an email- "Ollie's Mom"
It was to his soccer coach about bringing the treat to the game. 

It's funny how your identity changes throughout your life.
I loved my maiden name- McEntire.

Then suddenly with marriage came the at-first-awkward-yet-sweet, answering to Mrs. Swalberg.
We had a trip planned with Adam's family a month after we were married so I rushed to change my name on my driver's license so it could match my plane ticket... and like that, McEntire was gone.

But don't worry, I had practiced writing Sinika Swalberg for a few years before that.

Then I remember after Elliott was born, the pediatrician called 
to tell me his bilirubin levels and asked for "Elliott's mom". 

And of course, with each kid after that, I am Ollie's mom or 
Lincoln's mom for anything doctor's office, school or sports related. 

And I don't mind one bit.

I was noticing the other day at a restaurant as we were writing all our names on our leftover takeout boxes, Adam usually writes "Dad" on his box, and I always write "Sini". 

I guess I need to just be me sometimes too.
Ollie- on his "crazy hair day" for kindergarten.
He talked about having a mohawk for weeks before this.
He was very excited, even though we had no idea it would be this tall!
The hair glue hairspray we found at Walmart worked perfectly.
brother love
Ollie has also been wanting to wear his cleats to school every day and plays tackle football at recess.

In kindergarten.

I've seen him play a couple of times with his little buddies,
Beau, Weston and Dawson and they are really good.

But football? Who is this kid?

And our little town's BBQ restaurant has a wall that can be signed by the military and you can leave notes for them on the board- Elliott and Ollie just had to leave one.
(See below)


sinika said...

That was a well written, and heartfelt post! Dad

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post!!

Have a great new week!
Mariana (a wife and a mom)

Anthony and Rachel Orme said...

LOL! Love Ollie's hair!

lindsey v said...

New nickname: Dadam.
I love those thank you cards.

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