Sunday, April 22, 2012

my mountains

This is my view from my back porch and window. 
Really this is with the zoom lens, but a normal lens makes it look way further than it really is. 
I watch Mount Timpanogas all day everyday, from our dining room table.
It's my constant, even if is forever changing from golden to pink with the sunrise or sunset, dark or dressed in white because of clouds or snow.

I love it and I feel so spoiled to have this view!
It never gets old.

Light on the valley floor.


Megan Marie said...

i'm home sick now. thanks...

oh, they are so beautiful! can't believe this is your back porch!!!

Senja said...

oh so beautiful!!

Knudson Family said...

Mount Timp is always one of the favorite things to see on trips to Utah. I almost climbed to the top once...11 hours of hiking up and back. I didn't have much fun at the time, but would love to try it again!

Anonymous said...

This is stunning!!
From your back porch and window?! Really??
So beautiful.

Beautiful photos.

Elisabeth said...

Great pictures! "It's my constant." Love that. I feel the same. People are missing out on the views here on the West Side.

lindsey v said...

Wow, nice zoom! So pretty. I love those guys.

Melissa said...

Wow... those are amazing pictures!! I love that I get to see our neighborhood from your point of view :). How is that I always miss such beauty. Thanks for sharing since I always miss out!

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