Wednesday, April 25, 2012

spring break

Linc at the condo
We had a laid-back spring break, spending time at the condo, 
helping my mom in her yard and garage and playing with cousins. 
daffodils from my flowerbed
hootenannies and fruit
flowers from my mom's hanging plant
Swimming at Zermatt. The boys are slowly, but surely teaching themselves to swim!
This time they had goggles so they started swimming under water and doing flips under water.
So proud of them. We went twice a day a few times...
my mom's gorgeous yard
my momma- always working in the garden
my mom's magnolia tree
Addie and Linc- best cousins. He talks about her non-stop!
found these old rabbit ears while cleaning out my mom's garage. remember these things?! (they now live at the dump.)

Deer Creek and back of Timp

my favorite smile of Lincy-Bear's
stormy skies in Midway
snow in Provo Canyon

Looking off my back porch- it's official- I'm obsessed with stormy skies.
Addie and Linc at the pool.
gelato @ Zermatt
carmel corn
dinner @ Ikea
We played lots of games at the condo including Battleship and Pairs. 
I love Ollie's words- quiz, iceberg, cave, like, lizard, DS, & Kyler from his class.
hottub waterfall

The boys made little creatures out of the moss in the creek running through the condos...

Trying to catch a fish. 
Benny's hands crack me up. 
Elliott caught quite a few and would let them go.
Then once I saw Linc walking around with two tiny fish in his hands like you would with roly-polys. 
We hurried to put them back in the cup of water, but they were gone. 
Linc was confused. Elliott was upset. 
At Dairy Keen in Heber they have a Harry Potter model with a working Hogwarts train.
The boys worked on the scavenger hunt paper for a long time trying to find everything.
Linc on the train outside.

When we got home, we were happy to have our upstairs painted and re-carpeted.
It worked out just right for us to be out of the way for that week. 

Can't wait for summer with it's more laid-back schedules, and definitely more swimming.

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Tisha and Mark said...

I have been wanting to go the Zermatt fovever! I keep missing the KSL deals and the one they have now has golf (boring!). Looks like a great spring break! Such a cool mom to do so much for them!

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