Wednesday, April 20, 2011

spring break

We stayed busy on Spring Break... even if it was freezing outside most of the time. 

Linc & Addie

E, O & L
 I even (gulp) took the boys to Chuck E Cheese one day. I haven't been forever because it's not my favorite place. That's usually Daddy's destination with the boys. But they LOVED it. And it wasn't so bad.

 Linds and I let our kids pick out cupcakes at The Sweet Tooth Fairy... yummy! This might have to become tradition on days off of school.

 Linc decided on a sucker. 

 What do people think when they see us coming with all of our kids?!
Oh well- everything is more fun when we're all together.
Taking a bite of Elliott's red velvet cupcake.
 Ollie didn't care about the flavor, just the sprinkles.

cute Linds

We even went to see a couple of movies over the break... Born to be Wild, which was super cute and about people who took care of orpahaned baby elephants and orangutans. It was only about 45 minutes though... Hop, which the boys loved, and Rio, which we all liked. I guess that's what you do when the weather doesn't cooperate?
At the fountain at our favorite movie theater.

 I took these boys swimming while Adam was visiting record stores for National Record Day on Saturday. Oh, you didn't know there was such a thing? Neither does most of the world...
These guys always want to draw when they get together... and they laugh their heads off. They draw funny pictures for each other to laugh at. Silly boys.
Elliott, Sean, Ben, Noah, Linc & Ollie
And mostly I just saw lots of little boys running around our yard and house. It's mostly Elliott's friends for now, but it will be weird when they each have 3 boys over to play. Heaven help me. 

Elliott and Ollie also got to spend the day and sleep over with Grammy and Grandpa. They thought that was the best! We loved spring break and can't wait for summer in 7 weeks! Elliott has made his countdown and is marking off the days...


Mrs. Ham said...

i'm dying about linc holding a sucker and has a bink in his mouth! haha that boy! sounds like spring break was so much fun! next time i'm coming to the cupcake place with you! mmm

Melissa said...

What a fun spring break!! I bet your kids were in heaven at the Sweet Toothfairy, what a great idea. I am right there with Elliott, I can not wait for summer :)

Tisha and Mark said...

Curse you and your Sweet Toothfairy post!! Now I must have it! I am down for lunch anytime! Do you want to plan a day next week? Tues/Fri work well for me. And, about National Record Day....I am intrigued! :)

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