Monday, April 11, 2011

a case of the stripes

 I got some rare cuddle time with Mr. Lincoln on the couch while he took apart the babushka dolls, and put them back together and stacked them, and tasted them... and I couldn't get enough pictures of him in these stripey pajamas. They remind me of Finnish babies, which means that stripes on a baby equal Finnish to me. I'm not sure why? Anyway, Linc's arms and legs are getting longer everyday and the baby chubbiness is fading so fast. I check his wrist roll all the time and it's disappearing too. He's a giant baby now, but I still call him my baby, even though he's two. 




 "Don't taste the pieces Linc!" (This only makes him giggle and taste them even more.)

 All the while the big boys play the wii.
 Eating the baby babushka, because when you're two, your mouth is just like another hand.
 Making sound effects and/or spitting...

 yawning...and time for bed! I was amazed how long I got to nuzzle with him, and how long I got to take pics because Linc isn't one to sit still. I even let him eat his cookie on the couch. I loved listening to him jabber and show me his latest babushka concoction. How I love my little Lincoln Berry!


Saimi said...

He is so adorable and those jammies look perfect on him!! I love how a simple toy can be so entertaining!!

you're right he's turning into quite the little boy!

Melissa said...

Lincoln is so darn cute!! Those pj's are sooo cute on him :) What a fun moment to photograph and remember forever.

Tisha and Mark said...

Love those stripey jammies! I also need to hit up the Williams Sonoma to get those robot cupcake goodies :) How are you guys???

Shum Girl said...

Why do babies have to get big? It is a cruel joke God plays on us!

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