Thursday, April 28, 2011

easter morning

 It's fun now that the boys are getting older... they are so excited for holidays and they talk about them so much before, "We'll have to remember not to go downstairs until you guys wake up- we'll just wait in our room." And "How does the Easter Bunny get in our house? I know- he's a robot huh?" We saw a guy in the cheesiest Easter Bunny outfit outside the pool the other day- kind of tattered and dirty and his face was painted a pale white and he looked like he was 14. Anyway, the boys were a little confused at the guy's getup. I just had to laugh. Whatever happened to the fuzzy, cute bunny?

Let's just say we had a lot of discussions on the true meaning of Easter and how 
great it is that we can be resurrected too and live with our family again forever!

 Linc would pick up an egg and shake, shake, shake. Then he would ask what's inside?

 They found their robot baskets filled in the kitchen. Lucky boys. The night before we hit up Target all together and somehow they got what they picked out there. "How did he know?" I thought E would catch on for sure... but no.
Linc's loot


Melissa said...

Wow... they made out like bandits. So smart of the Easter Bunny to take them to target the night before. I wish our bunny would have been so smart! Our bunny stressed out for days on what to get our kids.

rachel said...

I love that Elliot didn't catch on. Can't we keep them innocent forever!!! I am loving your remodel, in all your pictures I get to see a little more of it. Happy Easter!

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