Thursday, April 28, 2011

coloring eggs

 Elliott's friend, Noah was over when we colored eggs this year. Note to self: boil two dozen eggs instead of 1 dozen... the boys wanted to color more than three.

 Noah ate two of his eggs, minus the yolks. Yolks are my favorite part. Elliott and Ollie didn't eat any.

 Linc came to color after his nap. He loved moving the egg from one color, to the next and the next. Then he would get excited and smack the egg on the counter... so we'd move to the next egg.

green fingers

Poor Linc has a sore on his face... we're working on it. Between him and Elliott having these things every so often, we're going through lots of antibiotic ointment. :(

I wanted to try some natural dye with spices from my cupboard like this, but we ran out of eggs. Maybe I'll do it with hollowed out eggs earlier next year for Easter decor.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Looks like they had tons of fun, Especially Lincoln :). Their eggs look awesome!

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