Friday, April 29, 2011

grammy's special eggs

 We were heading over to Grammy's house for dinner and were instructed to bring the boys' baskets... they were beyond excited. This was the best weekend ever they said!

the Swalberg boys

shakey shakey

on a mission for eggs

Christie, Adam, Scott

Elliott- 7 yrs
Oliver- 5 yrs (cool- look at Ollie's green afro!)
Lincoln- 2 yrs
 Most of the eggs were stuffed with coins or bills... Elliott made out with $25!! Ollie $13 and Linc $7. 
That was way more than the 50 cents in change they made at our house...
Happy Easter!


rachel said...

dang, how do I get invited to that easter egg hunt?! Looks like your boys were like mine, egg hunt overload! But they loved every minute of it!

Melissa said...

Sounds like the best hunt ever... can I come next year? Dawson was looking at this with me and he is very bummed. He said, "hey no fair, I never get money in my eggs :(". We may have to start this tradition!

mari said...

maybe I can be invited next year?

The Nielson Family said...

Lucky boys! Looks like fun and I LOVE that rainbow cake--I've only done cupcakes...they took FOREVER!! :)

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