Tuesday, April 19, 2011

grandma's yard

My Mom and the boys by her magnolia tree.
My mom's yard is a magical place for the boys. I've said this before, but maybe it's because I grew up there. We played dolls outside. Played with our kittens who followed us around everywhere, gathered eggs from our chickens... and let's not forget weeding every Saturday before we could play. There are so many little nooks and crannies to explore. They do such a good job making it beautiful! 

Linc likes this kitty, because unlike our huge one, he can pick her up!

They love climbing trees!

The big boys climbed up this pile to see the horses in the neighbor's yard and Linc went right up too. So my mom went to save him.

cool old woodpile

The new neighbor invited us over to see his chickens and chickies.

The chicks were already getting big but the boys still got to hold them.

This guy gets a few different kinds and one of them will lay blue eggs.

Even the big chickens were nice and let the boys pet them.

Here's to Spring and getting outside to explore!

1 comment:

Scott & Christie Lamb said...

Oh my those pics are great!!! How fun would that be to hold baby chicks? I love elliott's face :-)

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