Tuesday, April 5, 2011

spring snow

We had quite the spring storm Saturday night! It was loud and made the power flicker on and off a few times in the night, but in the morning it was this bright, amazing, snowy wonderland!

 I love a good storm when you don't have anywhere to go, perfect for a Sunday.

branch through the (dirty!) window
 It was also the day that we got to stay home and watch church in our pajamas! The boys played conference bingo, which kept them intrigued for all of 20 minutes, but it's a start.

 I made sticky buns and Adam made omelets- it was quite the Sunday brunch.
 During the 2 hour break between sessions, we bundled up and headed out to play in the (last?) big snow.
 It was so bright out there!
 Can you believe that blue sky? Such a beautiful day!
 I love how the ice is clinging to the branch by one little bud...

 The boys think every snowstorm means a snow buffet.

 Even Linc didn't complain about getting bundled and walked perfectly in his boots instead of acting like there were weights stuck to his feet like in the past. He still didn't want mittens though.

 Ollie trying out the practice snowboard.

 The storm blew in sideways from the West, so this side of our house got slammed.
 snow bike
 Adam's last shot at woveling. (shovel with a wheel)

 Elliott's game of throwing snowballs up and crushing them midair.

 Ollie has perfected the art of snow eating.

 The clouds moved back in so fast and it started to snow again! Crazy weather.

 Mr. Lincoln's rosy cheeks
Is there anything better than fluffy white clouds against a bright blue sky?
We even got Daddy to come out for a few minutes.

I love a spring snowstorm because it's almost a novelty again. And it melts fast so it never turns into dirty snow. And I'm actually sad that winter went by so fast! I had lots more wintry outdoors fun on my to-do list. I guess it'll have to wait until next winter... and the next...


Shum Girl said...

You got some gorgeous shots! I was mad when I saw the snow. I should have taken some pictures. It was pretty but my poor daffodils.

Dag said...

Your photo skilz are getting amazing! Cutie kids and beautiful photos.

Elisabeth said...

Oops I left the above comment. But I'm sure Dale would think they were great too.

Mrs. Ham said...

i love a beefy picture post! i love those boysies! so sweet. i love linc hiding behind the tree eating the snow. haha! your camera skills are getting gooood!

Brynn said...

Mmmmmmm! I want some of your sticky buns!

lindsey v said...

It was such a pretty morning and I made my kids play outside between sessions too. And I want to have brunch at your house!

Melissa said...

Awesome pictures, but oh how I hate the snow. This storm left me very sad. At least your family could find joy in it!!

Mama Swalz said...

i love the pics of the boys outside in the snow! Oh your pics are sooo good- and that's not all the camera..... that's the one behind the camera, Sini! I need some lessons from you!! So fun!!!

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